Tadesse Filatea PLC


Why Us?


The Clear Economical Choice

We know that our customers don’t just want quality products. We know that it amounts to nothing if there are quality products and no one can buy them. That is why we provide all our high quality products and services for a fair and reasonable price. We live by the notion that our customers are our number one priority; they take precedence before anything. So we try to make them happy in the two fronts; one is through our quality products and the other is through our reasonable price.


Serving Our Customers Diligently

As it can be clearly seen in our work place, we care about our clients highly. We treat them with respect and try to provide them with what they need in the soap, car spare parts, and corrugated roofing sector. We are always trying to come up with new and innovative ways that could better serve our customers. One thing we do to satisfy our customers is we provide them with discounts. These discounts are offered to our customers, taking the market condition into consideration. We are committed and devoted to our clients. Nothing makes us happy more than seeing satisfaction on the faces of our customers because of the quality services and products we provided them with. This is what drives us to always work harder and diligently every day.

The Personification of Excellence

We, at Tadesse Filatea PLC, are always devoted to providing the best service we can, which is more often the best possible service. We perform every level of work with care and intuition. We provide on-time delivery of products. We care about the work we do. We are aware that this is a huge responsibility, and it’s not something to be trifled with. We are never complacent; we always try to come up with ways that can make both our services and products spotless.


Your Experienced Partner

We have been involved in our line of work for 30 years now. We have gone through many reformations, in which we have updated our products and made our services better and better. We have gathered a much needed experience. Three decades in this line of work is not something that is readily heard. Through these 30 years, we have increased our hold and outreach in the manufacturing of soap, importing of car spare parts, and manufacturing of corrugated roofing. We promise to continue to push the barrier and provide highly effective products and services.