Tadesse Filatea PLC




Soap and Detergent

At Tadesse Filatea PLC, you will get high quality, highly effective and highly efficient soaps and detergents for a reasonable and fair price. We are the ones that manufacture the soaps and detergents. So you don’t have to worry a thing about their quality as they all have met the requirement before they make it to the market.


Car Spare Parts

We are also involved in the importing of car spare parts. These car spare parts are also of high quality. We provide these spare parts for a competitive price.


Various Chemicals

We import various chemicals like caustic soda. Most of the chemicals we import are aimed towards in helping us manufacture soaps and detergents.


Corrugated Roofing

We provide corrugated roofing of various kinds that can be used in different scenarios. We are the ones that manufacture the corrugated roofing through our factory. The corrugated roofings we manufacture have first-rate quality and are highly effective. As any of our products, our corrugated roofing is also offered for a fair price