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Tadesse Filatea PLc

Health and Safety are in our minds; Quality product is in our hands!

What We Do

We, at Tadesse Filatea PLC, know that there is a need for quality soaps, car spare parts, and corrugated roofing to be delivered on time. We were established to help with that. We are mainly involved in the manufacturing of soap and importing of car spare parts. These two things are highly needed by customers, and we hope to meet our customers’ demands. We are also involved in the importing of chemicals like caustic soda that are integral in the making of soaps. Our business is mostly a self-sustaining one, with one venture helping another. In order to help customers in their affairs, we are always expanding our horizon. That is why we have established a corrugated roofing manufacturing factory. We aspire to provide our customers with first-rate, high quality, world-class, effective and efficient products in the ventures we are involved in.

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Who We Are

Tadesse Filatea PLC was established in 1980 E.C. with an initial capital of 250,000 birr. The current capital of the company has reached 300 million birr. When we were established, we were just providing starting materials and other related things. Since then, we have come a long way and have increased our hold in the line of work we are involved in.

Our Products


Soap and Detergents


Car Spare Parts


Various Chemicals


Corrugated Roofing